State-of-the-art charger for electric vehicles

Designed to provide fast, safe and optimized charging.
Compatible with ALL electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles

Easy Installation

Save time and money during installation thanks to integrated protections.

Indoor and outdoor use

Versatile solution for your home, designed for indoor and outdoor installations.

Load optimization

Power modulation guarantees the maximum load and avoids exceeding the contracted power.

Connectivity - Bluetooth and App

Visualize your home consumption, configure your charger, monthly reports, energy generated in photovoltaic installation and much more.

Power management

Manages the power of 2 chargers in the same installation.

Standard technical characteristics

General specifications
Connector Type 1 or Type 2 (7.4 kW and 22KW)
Dimensions (without cable) 298,4 x 248,4 x 170,3 mm
Cable length 5m (7m optional)
Electrical specifications
Maximum load power 7.4 kW and 22 kW
AC voltage range ± 10 %. 220 V to 240 V (7.4 kW), 400V (22 kW)
Maximum current 32 A
Configurable charging current 6 A at maximum current
Degree of protection IP54 / IK08
Load power modulation Current probe included (for single-phase)
User interface and communications
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.1
Equipment configuration WOLTIO mobile application
Charger status information 2.8″ screen
Wired connectivity RS485 Modbus RTU
ETHERNET/ Wifi connectivity Optional OCPP 1.6 module



  • Single-phase charger 7.4kW
  • 5-meter hose with IEC 62196 Type 2 connector
  • 2.8" color screen
  • Load power modulation
  • Watertight enclosure with protection IP54/IK05
  • Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity


  • Integrated protections
  • Magneto-thermal and differential
  • Permanent and transient surge protectors
  • Automatic resetting integrated into the charger


  • Three-phase charger 22kW
  • 5 meter hose with Type 2 connector
  • 2.8" color screen
  • Watertight enclosure with protection IP54/IK05
  • Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity
  • Ethernet/ Wifi connectivity: Optional OCPP 1.6 module

Our accessories

SmartEnable key

Automatically initiates and deactivates the charging of your electric car by proximity. Configure up to four different keys per charger

Photovoltaic kit

Ideal solution for integration with photovoltaic systems, save on your electric vehicle charges

Cable support

Perfect solution to keep your charging cable organized.


Informative leaflet


User's manual


CE Certified


Members of the Business Association for the Development and Promotion of Electric Mobility as manufacturers of charging points.

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